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This application enables you simple and integral REMIT reporting solution. To sign in you require a digital certificate from certified issuer like SIGEN-CA, POSTAR-CA, NLB, HALCOM or digital certificate issued by Borzen. Za dodatne informacije in izdajo Borzen digitalnega potrdila nas kontaktirajte na



New REMIT Quarterly just published. The 20th edition of the Agency’s REMIT Quarterly has been published on the REMIT Portal. This edition highlights how the Agency ensures its business continuity for REMIT activities in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak, both in terms of monitoring and stakeholders’ support. Also, in light of the challenging circumstances, the Agency decided to extend certain compliance deadlines as well as to proceed with the Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (EMIT) Forum 2020 as a virtual meeting on 9 October 2020.The new publication also focuses on the 5th edition of the ACER Guidance, specifically on how to apply the definition of ‘Information’ and ‘Inside information’ under REMIT. This edition also covers three sanction decisions issued by the relevant National Regulatory Authorities and provides the latest REMIT documentation updates, alongside an overview of the sanction decisions.
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