Borzen REMIT Reporting Service


This application enables you simple and integral REMIT reporting solution. To sign in you require a digital certificate from certified issuer like SIGEN-CA, POSTAR-CA, HALCOM or digital certificate issued by Borzen. For any additional information please contact:





Dear RRM – REMIT users, we would like to inform you that we have upgraded our RRM - REMIT reporting system (in accordance with the ACER guidlines) and thus enable the reporting with the revised »Table1_v3« scheme. Reporting with the »Table1_v2« scheme (in parallel with the »Table1_v3« scheme) will be possible until October 16, 2023. To facilitate your transition to the »Table1_v3« version use, we have also adjusted our report generator accordingly (please check your user profile, the »Generator« tab). If you need additional explanations or if you need help when switching to the new version, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +386 1 620 76 38. RRM – REMIT Team.       




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