Borzen REMIT Reporting Service


This application enables you simple and integral REMIT reporting solution. To sign in you require a digital certificate from certified issuer like SIGEN-CA, POSTAR-CA, HALCOM or digital certificate issued by Borzen. For any additional information please contact:





Dear all, in 2022, in accordance with ACER's recommendations, we upgraded our RRM - REMIT reporting system and thus enabled you to report according to the renewed "Table1_v3" scheme. We inform you that reporting in accordance with the "Table1_v2" scheme will be possible (in parallel with the "Table1_v3" scheme) until October 16, 2023. To facilitate the transition to reporting with the "Table1_v3" version, we have also adjusted our report generator accordingly (see your user profile, "Generator" tab). If you need additional explanations or if you need help when switching to a new version, we are at your disposal. Borzen Team



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