Borzen REMIT Reporting Service

This application enables you simple and integral REMIT reporting solution. To sign in you require a digital certificate from certified issuer like SIGEN-CA, POSTAR-CA, NLB, HALCOM or digital certificate issued by Borzen.

For additional information or to request a Borzen digital certificate please contact us on

Dear users of the REMIT RRM application, on the 7th April, 2016 the reporting in accordance with the second phase of the REMIT regulation has started. Since Borzen' s application access certificates have default validity of 2 years and the recommended encryption (PGP) keys validity is also 2 years, please check the validity of your certificates and PGP keys and contact us before the expiration date on  or on tel. +386 1 620 76 38. In the event of a certificate/PGP key expiration, the access to the application will not be possible/ the submission of reports will be rejected.



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